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From Sean Leonard <>
Subject svn:mime-type arbitrary parameters
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2014 18:53:24 GMT

What the best way for Subversion to record parameters of a MIME type 
(Internet media type) in a repository?

I require svn:mime-type to be filled out in all of the repositories that 
I manage. This is also useful for serving the right content over media 
type-aware protocols (HTTP, but there are others).

Some time ago there was a dev discussion about storing the character set 
of text in svn:charset (simple textual content) vs. svn:mime-type (using 
the header format of RFC 2045).

It appears that the matter was not fully resolved. svn:charset seems to 
enjoy de-facto use. Using RFC 2045 format in svn:mime-type as an 
appendage (delimited by ";") would be "correct", but as the poster 
notes, is extremely unwieldy. It is not possible to store arbitrary 
UTF-8 data, for example, unless you use the syntax of RFC 2231, which 
looks like:

    Content-Type: application/x-stuff;
     title*2="isn't it!"

Thank you,


PS I am also the author of the IETF text/markdown media type 
<>. The 
current draft proposes a "syntax" parameter to disambiguate between 
different kinds of Markdown. There are hundreds of different 
Markdown-derivative syntaxes, and it is unlikely that most of them will 
go through the trouble of registering separate media types. This matters 
to me personally because we have been storing Markdown content with 
materially different syntaxes in our Subversion repositories.

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