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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Official way to create an empty revision
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2014 10:46:40 GMT
Daniel Shahaf wrote:

> If we include the svnrdump change (do we have an explicit use-case for
> doing 'bump' from the client side?), we should also document a way for
> a pre-commit hook¹ to reject 'svnmucc bump' commits.

We don't have a good use case for 'bump' from the client side in general. In relation to "svnrdump
load", a user who has exclusive access to the repository (so can guarantee no simultaneous
commits) should be provided with a way to start the loaded revisions at a particular revision
number, the same as for "svnadmin load". However, we should think carefully about how this
relates to using svnrdump with non-exclusive commit access. For example, it might make more
sense to design a way for the client to specify to the server:

   "Here's a commit with changes in it;
    please commit it as revision number R,
    inserting empty revs as needed before it;
    or fail if you have already passed R."

instead of simply "insert N empty revs".

- Julian

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