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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: error testing pcre
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2013 21:28:55 GMT
On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 1:25 AM, Johan Corveleyn <> wrote:
> I decided to give my dev environment a spring cleaning, and tried
> to build the dependencies (great work BTW,
> looking forward to having less dependency-building-worries -- thanks).
> However, I ran into a problem when the testsuite of pcre was run:


> So perhaps this test won't run on my ancient Windows XP (no idea why
> others wouldn't get this error, and I would).

Philip said something about this on IRC.  I haven't been able to
reproduce it on Windows 7 or 8.  Not sure what OS he was using when
doing it.

> Googling a bit, I found that "stack recursion" can be disabled in
> pcre, to avoid this problem, so perhaps the solution is to disable
> stack recursion when configuring pcre? The PCRE configuration summary
> in the build output currently says:
>     --   No stack recursion .............. : OFF
> Or perhaps another solution is better? I don't know much about
> (building) pcre ...
> Another approach might be that I not run the testsuite of pcre, but
> I'm not sure what I would miss then.
> Anyone any suggestions?

Unfortunately I don't really have any suggestions.  I'll look into it.

> BTW: currently it's hard to redirect the output of
> to a file. I scraped the output of my console
> window, because redirecting it with "> buildout.log" would only
> capture part of the output (perhaps not everything is written to
> stdout). Automatically tee-ing the output to a file would be a nice
> improvement to the script :-). Just a thought ...

Something like this is certainly within the realm of possibilities.  I
certainly know what a pain it is to get info out of the terminal on
Windows.  I'm not sure about all of the builds but I know the httpd
one (which by far has required the most work) generates it's own logs.
 There's really not much in the way of output from the actual script,
so if there are build logs from all the dependencies themselves that's
probably sufficient.  There's a lengthy comment about that in the
build_httpd() function of the script.

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