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From Markus Schaber <>
Subject AW: C++ thoughts for Berlin
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 05:53:05 GMT
Hi, Blair,

Von: Blair Zajac []
> > [Discussion whether to use (part of) C++ for SVN development]
> I agree it's not worth going to C++.  Where I'm coming from is a frustration
> on the number of times I've seen pool lifetime bugs get fixed and it would be
> great to be in a language where one doesn't need to worry about that, or as
> much.

I fully understand your frustration. :-)

C can be frustrating. But believe me, as I used to program C++ for my day job for almost five
years, it is not the solution. Frustration just shifts from some problem areas to others,
and memory management is not really better.

Currently, I don't see any easy solution for a project like SVN. The available programming
languages are either bloaty and not easily embeddable (java), not portable enough (C# / .NET),
or not widespread enough (Haskell). 

The only languages that would fulfill most prerequisites nowadays have the drawback of being
dynamic languages like Python or Ruby which have their own deficiencies.

(At least, with Python, we could do a step-by-step replacement, beginning with the upper layers,
but I'm not sure whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks - it is less easily embeddable
in C-based environments, and dynamic languages are per se suboptimal for guaranteeing stable
interfaces. On the other hand, running it with Jython and IronPython could reduce the need
for SVNKit and SharpSVN - Hi, Bert! :-) )

Let's hope that languages which are safe, statically typed, and compiled to native code (like
Rust and Go) start to catch up, that might be a bandwagon worth to jump on for SVN 2.0 :-)

Best regards

Markus Schaber

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