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From Tobias Bading <>
Subject Re: Strange failure of -- missing commit in guarantee_repos_and_wc ?
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 11:15:24 GMT
On 03.06.2013 01:29, Johan Corveleyn wrote:
> [...]
> When I look at the actual 'svn log' of this working copy (or the
> repository), it gets even stranger: the commit for revision 2 is
> missing:
> [...]
> Can anyone explain this? Any ideas?
> Can it be a timestamp issue? sleep_for_timestamp ... which reminds me
> ... it's almost 1:30 am ... time to stamp some sleep.
> But even if the timestamp after the edit is precisely the same as
> after the checkout, I don't understand how that can lead to 'commit'
> not seeing that the file is modified: the edit changed the filesize,
> and I thought both timestamp and filesize were considered to check for
> modified files ...
> Confused,
> --
> Johan

Welcome to the club, Johan. ;-)

I had a similar timestamp related problem with diff-test 60. (See thread

on the users list for details, if you're interested.)

TL;DR version of that thead:
If a file's timestamp doesn't change, Subversion assumes that it is 
unmodified. Besides, Subversion's svn_io_sleep_for_timestamps() 
implementation is making assumptions that aren't valid in all cases. The 
cause of my test failures was a bad Linux kernel (reported here: combined 
with Subversion's assumption that taking a nap for one millisecond would 
be enough to get a fresh timestamp afterwards.

The output you provided looks like you're using Windoze, so a bad Linux 
kernel is probably not your problem ;-). Do you have a very fast machine 
and use a SSD? What filesystem do you use? NTFS?

Kind regards,

PS: Please put me on CC in replies. Thanks.

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