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From Peter Weinert <>
Subject Re: AW: unable to commit in linked subdirectory of repository checkout
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 12:01:34 GMT

On 03/06/13 13:31, Markus Schaber wrote:
> Hi, Peter,
> Von: Peter Weinert []
>> system: linux
>> subversion: v1.7.x
>> this problem starts when using version 1.7 of subversion.
>> until 1.6 every sub-dir had its own '.svn', so wherever i was, all
>> information to commit update was available.
>> now there's only one, where one checked out the repo.
> In my eyes, the fact that SVN changed to a single .svn directory is a big advantage,
brings SVN on par to other RCSes in this area, and should not be reverted back. :-)
it sure is a good idea to have everything in one place as this speeds things up a lot... having
thousands of files to 
work with is rarely preferable...
> Additionally, SVN normally finds its way up to the working copy root when you issue a
command in a subdirectory (try it by cd'ing to the destination of your symlink and then issuing
the commit command there), so this change itself is not the cause for your problems.
sorry, wasn't checkin.. was "svn delete", command is following (where "tester_gui_ref" is
the symbolic link) :
svn --non-interactive --force delete 
svn: E155007: '/home/animator/bin/QA-utils/HTML-Report/tester_gui_ref/test-cases/pic/ide_nhi/message.ref'
is not a 
working copy
>> this is problematic when having somewhere else a symbolc-link to a sub-dir of
>> that checkout.
>> it's impossible to do anything with svn on that link because svn can't find
>> the repository data and always returns:
>> svn: E155007: ' .... filename ..... ' is not a working copy
>> because of many automated process / web-server-scripts / etc. that access the
>> data in our case, it would be very beneficient if such things would still be
>> possible with svn 1.7... otherwise  we'd be stuck with last release of v1.6,
>> because it would mean to rewrite a very large amount of scripts to adapt to
>> such changes...
> What's the exact use case of using those symlinks?
there's a test environment which has data for current test run and each machine and global
& "special" (for single 
machine) reference data.. managing this data through the web-interface (adding, removing,
updating, ... references) 
should now be independent of source and target... therefore there are links into the homogenous
part of the data...
> Could you add a wrapper shell script which follows the symlink by changing the current
directory to its destination, and then issue the command from there?
> Or resolve the symlink, and pass the absolute destination path to the SVN command?
already tested some stuff with the ls-command, but no option in the manpage helped yet (ls
-H, ls -L, ..)...
>> suggestion: have a symbolic link (on supported systems, like linux, unix,
>> etc.) that points to the .svn-dir where the base-path of the checkout can be
>> determined and therefore the repositry-url, etc.
> Adding those symbolic links seems to clutter the working directories for a questionable
benefit (e. G. imagine someone moving or renaming a subdirectory of a WC using shell commands
- the contained symlink would be broken than, and confuse SVN and users even more.
yep, was just a quick shot / first idea... but working on subversioned files without using
svn always broke some 
stuff... some easier, some harder to repair...
> Best regards
> Markus Schaber
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Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

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