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From Gabriela Gibson <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Code tidying for subversion/include/config.h
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2013 11:54:36 GMT
On 25/03/13 13:40, C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> Note that if there's a way to make the additional comment *not*
> show up in our doxygen docs, that's preferred -- I don't suspect the
> indentation-dependent layout of that header will survive the transformation
> to that output format.

After trying out @cond and \internal with limited success as they both 
remove the selected text in the documentation and html source, I've 
found that if you use one "*" in the comment like so:

  /* code-only comment */

Doxygen doesn't pick this up, since it's not a Doxygen comment like
/** or /*! and so, the comment is omitted from the documentation, but 
displayed in the source code html.

I could not find a way to preserve the comment placement in the 
documentation, however, given the layout of the html, it would not be as 
visually useful as it is in the code.

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