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From Роман Донченко <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Don't strip Content-Type in .po files on Windows
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 17:39:53 GMT
Philip Martin <> писал в своём письме Tue,
Aug 2012 14:51:43 +0400:

> Роман Донченко <> writes:
>> - On Windows, we only support linking with svn-win32-libintl, which is
>> hacked to disable all encoding conversions.
> I assume it provides bind_textdomain_codeset as a function that does
> nothing.

That is correct.

>> - Even if someone links with with his own version of libintl, it's a
>> safe bet that it will be new enough to support
>> bind_textdomain_codeset, so we  can just call that.
> If somebody managed to use an old version I guess there would be some  
> sort of
> linker failure.  Build time?  Run time?

Link time (it would be compile time if not for C's implicit declarations).

> If somebody managed to use their own version that did encoding
> conversions I guess that would also be OK since it would be a utf8-utf8
> no-op.

Exactly; and that's how it currently works on Linux.


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