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From Blair Zajac <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1375675 - in /subversion/trunk/subversion: include/svn_repos.h libsvn_repos/fs-wrap.c libsvn_repos/hooks.c libsvn_repos/repos.c libsvn_repos/repos.h tests/cmdline/ tests/cmdline/svntest/
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 18:54:45 GMT
On 08/21/2012 11:45 AM, Philip Martin wrote:
> Blair Zajac <> writes:
>> On 08/21/2012 11:09 AM, C. Michael Pilato wrote:
>>> I actually considered using "post-create-txn" and renaming "start-commit" to
>>> "pre-create-txn" (with code to run "start-commit" iff not "pre-create-txn"
>>> hook exists, for compat purposes).
>> +1.  I always have to remember which comes first, start-commit or
>> pre-commit, so this renaming helps.
> Suppose both pre-create-txn and start-commit exist.  Is it an error?
> If not which one is run?

I don't think it's an error, run both of them.  I don't have any 
thoughts on the ordering, perhaps start-commit first, since it's always 
been there?

> We have already bumped the FSFS format in 1.8 but we have not yet bumped
> the repos format.  Perhaps we could bump and have an upgrade that
> renames the hook?

That would be make repos maintenance easier in the long run.


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