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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: Please move mod_dontdothat back from tools/server-side/mod_dontdothat to subversion/mod_dontdothat
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2012 18:02:21 GMT
On 18.08.2012 16:53, Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
> There was a thread on this in, I think I've boiled
> it down enough for dev to look at it.
> To sum  up, please revert r1307177, and move
> tools/server-side/mod_dontdothat back to the
> subversion/mod_dontdothat.
> Unless there is a plan to migrate *all* the subversion/mod_*
> components over to tools/server-side/mod_*, I'm looking at the code
> and just don't see why this component should should be so distinct.
> I'm afraid that sprinkling the HTTPD modules into separate compilation
> and deployment locations is just going to create ongoing surprises. It
> already bit me in RPM compilation and management. I see the code
> danielsh wen into to do this, but unless the mod_dav_svn and
> mod_authz_svn tools are also going to migrate to tools/server-side, I
> think it's going to be safer to manage whee it was in the
> subversion-1.7.5 tag.
>                      Nico Kadel-Garcia <>

mod_dontdothat is not a core module. It's effectively a debugging tool.
Whereas mod_dav_svn and mod_authz_svn are part of the core Subversion
functionality. The different locations aren't accidental.

The main problem with moving mod_dontdothat was that the way it was done
broke Unix builds without Apache HTTPd. That's fixed on trunk now, and
could probably be backported to 1.7.x.

-- Brane

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