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From "C. Michael Pilato" <>
Subject Re: 1.7.6 Candidates
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 16:18:08 GMT
On 08/09/2012 12:08 PM, C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> On 08/08/2012 01:40 PM, Philip Martin wrote:
>> Subversion 1.7.6 tarballs are now available for testing/signing by
>> committers. To obtain them please check out a working copy from
>> Please add your signatures to the .asc files there.
>> You can use the script for this:
>> sign-candidates --target /path/to/dist/dev/subversion/wc 1.7.6
>> Downstream packagers, please keep in mind that this release is not
>> blessed yet. Please do not distribute binaries compiled from these
>> sources before the release has been officially announced. This release
>> may still be pulled and supplanted by a different one (with a new
>> version number) in case of unforeseen problems during the testing phase.
> I'm seeing an error across the board in prop_tests 35.  Looks at first
> glance like the test suite is consulting ~/.subversion/config rather than
> using the control runtime configuration that it should be using.  (I have
> some trunk-isms in my runtime config that are causing errors in the tests.)
>  I'll look into this.

FIXED on trunk:
   Transmitting file data .
   Committed revision 1371282.

To be clear, this problem is with the *test* only, not with Subversion.  It
will not negatively affect my evaluation and sign-off on 1.7.6.

C. Michael Pilato <>
CollabNet   <>   <>   Enterprise Cloud Development

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