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From Bob Chapman <>
Subject Re: Issues building svn 1.7.6 in non apache mode (module mod_dontdothat)
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 15:32:01 GMT
Daniel -

 > Check 'make -n install | grep dontdothat'.

In the 'patched' 1.7.6 version:

  $ make -n install | grep dontdothat

 > (There is a longer answer telling you about . . .

Which I'm probably not smart enough to understand. <grin>

It didn't cross my mind to run 'make check' until _after_ my previous
post -- someday I may learn to think twice before posting. ;(

On Unbuntu 10.04 LTS, the 87/87 'success' reports looked good but I
haven't figured out what to make of the subsequent string of 'SKIP' and
'X-FAIL' messages or the summary:

  Summary of test results:
    1583 tests PASSED
    46 tests SKIPPED

On Centos 4.9 (Final) the 'make check' reports 'success' up to (73/87) where it appears to 'hang' for reasons not yet

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my naive questions.


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