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From Semen Prikhodko <>
Subject Source code watermarking
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2011 09:56:20 GMT
Hi guys.

I need to add additional functionality to Subversion. My task is to make SVN able to insert
special "watermarks" into working copy source files which identify a developer working on
them. This means every source file will contain some identifying comment (e.g. // {developer
id} ). My customer says this step will protect the source code from stealing (the responsible
person will be identified and punished). Yes, it's stupid, but that is my current task. So
SVN must smartly insert the watermark when updating (checking out) the code and remove it
at time of commit (the repo must not contain watermarks).

Thus I have two initial questions:

1.       Where the needed modification should be located? Actually, I have two candidate places:
mod-Dav (the customer developers access SVN using HTTPS) and repo core (svnlib-repo &
svnlib-fs-fs). Client code must be intact (developer can use any client tool he wants).

2.       Can I find a book with a detailed explanation of the SVN internals (not a chapter
in SVN book about general layered structure)? I know, the source code comments cover the most
of details, but it's very hard...

Thanks in advance.

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