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From Philip Martin <>
Subject is-fresh-txn-root in FSFS revision files
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2011 19:14:39 GMT
I've noticed that it is possible to get nodes with:

is-fresh-txn-root: y

in the revision files of FSFS repositories. One way this occurs is when
empty revisions are committed:

$ svnadmin create repo1
$ svn mkdir -mm file://`pwd`/repo1/A
$ svnadmin create repo2
$ svnadmin dump repo1 | svndumpfilter exclude A | svnadmin load repo2
$ grep is-fresh repo2/db/revs/*/*
repo2/db/revs/0/1:is-fresh-txn-root: y

I don't know it causes a problem or not, but it doesn't really make
sense since is-fresh-txn-root is an attribute of nodes in a transaction.

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