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From Miha Vitorovic <>
Subject Re: Source code watermarking
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2011 10:35:41 GMT
On 7.10.2011 11:56, Semen Prikhodko wrote:
> Hi guys.
> I need to add additional functionality to Subversion. My task is to 
> make SVN able to insert special "watermarks" into working copy source 
> files which identify a developer working on them. This means every 
> source file will contain some identifying comment (e.g. // {developer 
> id} ). My customer says this step will protect the source code from 
> stealing (the responsible person will be identified and punished). 
> Yes, it's stupid, but that is my current task. So SVN must smartly 
> insert the watermark when updating (checking out) the code and remove 
> it at time of commit (the repo must not contain watermarks).
If you have the users authenticated against the SVN server, then you are 
exactly describing the svn:keywords. There is some small adittion to the 
code, but not the actual user data. It is well documented in the 
Subversion book, but if you have any additional questions, I think they 
are best directed at the users mailing list.

And, AFAIK, there is no book detailing the SVN code...

Br, Miha

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