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From Manuel López Blasi <>
Subject Request parameters need corresponding getters/setters in action?
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2014 20:41:12 GMT
Hello everybody,

i'm in the process or migrating our application from struts 2.8.1 to the 
latest Ga.
After some intense debugging and researching i have come to the 
conclusion that request parameters passed thru url are required
to have corresponding setter mothod (dunno if getter too) in targeted 
action class.

I have and url  like this:

the params would be:

whenever i click the link i get following exception:
INFO: 2014-03-27 17:29:32,673 ERROR .logging.commons.CommonsLogger 
error                   (L:34 ) -Developer Notification (set 
struts.devMode to false to disable this message):
Unexpected Exception caught setting 'pantallaOrigen' on 'class 
Error setting expression 'pantallaOrigen' with value ['Licencia', ]

i added setter methods in this action to see if that would fix the issue 
and set breakpoints and efectively the framework uses this method and 
sets those values.

Is this a new feature or behaviour? I haven't seen it before.

Is there a way to configure this so i don't have to reformat the whole 

Strange enough some links seems to not suffer from this issue:
this for example is ok:

Another issue with latest release(s): i have noticed that datetimepicker 
isn't shown anymore, as if it were broken.

I checked out struts2 jira issue:

and grabbign some info from there i managed to modify some files from 
struts2-core- ,
i changed some paths in
basically applying the same fixes that were performed in that issue.
Prior to that the jsp crashed in the same way described in the jira ticket.
The changes i made fixed it  and no exception or warning is shown in the 
log anymore. I have dev mode set to true and debug level set to very 
high level showing everything.

Anybody can comment on this two issues? Any quick fix/solution would be 
highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards.

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