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From Manuel López Blasi <>
Subject Re: Regarding latest struts 2.3.x changes and issues with DMI and Wildcards
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2014 18:06:53 GMT
Lukasz ,

first of all thanks a lot for this hint, that is what was causing the 
submit buttons not to respond in the way i was expecting,
it now fires up the method specified in the action attribute. It saved 
us a lot of work not to say that we were about to ditch the upgrade 

I have two more questions to ask so everything is completely perfect and 

1) Having the action.prefix enabled there's no intereference in the 
securyity fixes introduced in the last versions, it should be all fully 
working isn't it?
We have Dynamic Method Invocation disabled.

2) Whe a button is clicked so it fires the method specified en the 
action attribute of the s:submit tag it seems that it looks for the method
"prepareMethod" where Method is the method i specified, it seems that 
the prefix "prepare" is appended. Is there a way to override or disable 
this appending?
Same goes for the method validate, it is looking for "prepareValidate" , 
i need to get rid of those appendings, since otherwise we would need to 
make a huge refactor of
method namings in the project.

Again thanks for your help and sharing your knowledge, it is greatly 


El 29/01/2014 3:21, Lukasz Lenart escribió:
> As from action: prefix is disabled by default (this is how
> <s:submit action="..."/> is rendered), to enable it you must add the
> below constant to or struts.xml:
> ### Disables support for action: prefix
> struts.mapper.action.prefix.enabled = false
> Regards

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