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From Li Ying <>
Subject Re: struts2 string to map conversion
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2011 02:56:47 GMT
What is your client side code (JSP)?

In OGNL expression, a value assignment is something like:
"aMap[aKey] = aValue"

So, you need create HTML code like:
<input name="aMap[aKey]" value="aValue" />

On the server side, the OGNL expression will be converted into Java
method invoking like:
yourAction.getAMap().put("aKey", "aValue")

Unfortunately, the Java generic system don't know the element data
type of your Map,
so, the data type for [aKey] and [aValue] may be a problem.

I suggest you just declare the map as Map<String, String>, and do the
conversion by yourself.

All I talked above are not tested, just suggestion.
You need do the test and check if it is correct.

2011/12/6 cwalet <>:
> any body knows how to use Struts2 TypeConversion(in xwork libs) to
> convert a parameter string to a hashmap object?
> I tried this:
> @TypeConversion(key = "phone", rule = ConversionRule.MAP, converter =
> "java.lang.String")
> public void setHmss(HashMap<String, Object> hmso) {
>                this.hmso = hmso;
> }
> but no convert had it suggestion?
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