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From Volker Krebs <>
Subject Struts2 ScopeInterceptor scope.type end problem
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 10:03:00 GMT
I've made an small workflow using the ScopeInterceptor.
All works fine, but I have one small problem, where I want to discuss a
My last action is defined as scope.type=end

<action name="showConfirmation" class="MyAction">
  <interceptor-ref name="myScopeStack">
    <param name="scope.type">end</param>
  <result name="input">/confirm.jsp</result>

on the confirm.jsp I have no access to the objects which the
ScopeInterceptor was managing, because for scope.type=end actions
everything is cleared.

Any best practice for this (common) problem ?
Make an extra finish action that copies the scope objects to the
request ?

Any suggestions ?


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