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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: Double Execution of Struts Actions
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2006 20:36:07 GMT
That's not a Struts bug, it's a common HTML coding error. IIRC, the 
'background' property of a TD specifies the URL of an image to place as 
the background, not a colour; at least, that appears to be what's 
happening here.

As with <img src="#"/>, the image URL is being interpreted as the 
current page, so when the browser sees that TD, it tries to use the 
current page URL to load the background image -- hence, hitting the 
action again.


Daniel Chacón Sánchez wrote:
> O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> This was the mistake: <td background="#336699"> and the td doe´s not have a
> background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> How can it be posible!!! The double submit problem is for html problems!!!
> You will ask how I can discover this.... yes... I cut all the code and put
> ir step by step again since I found the problem!!!
> When I read this on a mail list:
> Santhi,
> I have found the mistake. I had a # in a table-tag.*<table background="#">*
>   ...
> </table>
> I don't know, why struts execute an action twice, but I'm happy. ;o))
> Thanks for your help.
> Frank
> In my mind I say to me that´s not possible.... but yes *The double submit
> problem is product of HTML errors*, know I want to notify to the "struts
> people" about this problem how can I talk to then, this is a big bug of the
> great strtus framework.
> Thank you all for the help, hope this solution helps others!

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