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From Alan Treece <>
Subject Struts v1.1, Tiles, Bean property question...
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 06:11:40 GMT
I've been away from Struts for a couple of years so some things are a  
bit rusty. My current project is converting a very complex Perl  
application to Java. The project has a small portion already  
utilizing Java and Struts v1.1... I'm under a very tight release  
schedule so migrating to Struts v1.2.x is out of the question "at  
this time", so I'm going to use the existing Java/Struts code to  
complete the project.

I'm working on the layout with Tiles and having a difficult time  
getting past this one issue. The Perl code has various header and  
footer pieces of code based on whether a use id logged on or not and  
whether the user is accessing what is termed an external or internal  
facing web site. The Perl code determines which header and footer to  
use and then reads in the data from various fragmented files...  
massages it a little then writes it out to the display.

I'm thinking I could to the same thing initially with an action for  
the header and footer that will make the determination, read in the  
data, massage it as required and then pass it back out as a bean  
property. I can't seem to find the correct syntax and Tiles tag to  
insert/put the bean property into a Tiles definition. I've tired  
<tiles:insert ... /> and <tiles:put ... /> with no success.

I'm basically reading in some html/jsp content, storing it in a bean  
property and then wanting to render that bean property on the page  
with a tiles definition. I'd be happy to RTFM if someone would point  
me to the correct spot in the FM that will explain this.

Thanks, ajTreece

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