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From Nathan Coast <>
Subject Re: message resources in db
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 02:00:44 GMT
> Then you have the apparent fact that by doing so you are now outside the Java provided
i18n stuff,

when you mention 'java provided i18n stuff' are you referring to the 
message resources features in struts (message bundles, locales etc)? or 
have I missed another java feature somewhere?

> So, you gain what?  it's in a database?
> I'm curios as to what you're reasoning is to put these into a database, 

some of my sites require the client to be able to manage the content, 
this includes i18n labels and messages.  Our deployments are done via 
war files, so to change a label requires to rebuild the war file and 

What I'd prefer is a user friendly gui to manage messages (yes would 
require cache flushing etc).  Another useful feature would be to 
highlight discrepancies between messages in different locale bundles.

aside....   I'm guessing someone has already implemented a caching 
system for clusters? does spring provide something like this?  I guess 
if you need to refresh the cache from one server you need to refresh all 
of the caches.


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