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From Charl Gerber <>
Subject Problem with struts form select and html escape codes
Date Fri, 24 Dec 2004 13:25:51 GMT

I want to format options in a select (using
<html:select> and <html:options>). It should look

Select me      I am 1
No, select me! I am 2
(Ie, there are spaces in the options that should
remain). This of course appears as two options in the

I have made up the text with <pre>&nbsp</pre>;
characters, but it then displays as exactly that.
Looking in the generated html, I see :
&amp;nbsp; which is not what I want.
It seems that struts does a parsing and replaces
characters with the escape codes, but not for spaces. 

How can I format my select with struts html tags to
keep the spaces intact?



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