Hello, I have a similar issue. I have a logon form that is using links rather than buttons. My form declaration is . Currently, I have two html:link elements used to submit and reset the form. The href attributes are "#". I also invoke a javascript logonValidate script, which calls document.logonForm.submit() if validation passes. This all works fine in the nominal case. Now, the problem(s). I am also using the checkLogon custom tag to "protect" pages, enforcing a user logon. If the user attempts to access, say, a search page (search.jsp) while not logged on, the custom tag catches this and forwards back to the logon page. Then, if the user credentials are then entered (correctly) and the form is submitted, the logon form is redisplayed and reset. If the information is entered a second time and the form submitted, it works fine (takes me to the search page). My config is set up with the logon action as session scoped (I started with it as request scoped). I do not have a global forward set up for logon. If I attempt to use the page attribute of html:link and set it to /logon.do, the reset problem goes away, but my form data is not posted properly. Hope this is not too redundant. Any help is appreciated. Rich -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: