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From Mikkel Bruun <>
Subject RE: Parameterizing Datasource URL
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 19:49:04 GMT have to specify it somewhere...the struts-config.xml seems like a
nice place...

or if your are using a deployment tool (ant??) you could make it do keyword
subsitition on deployment...

specifying data in a configuration file isnt hardcoding...its


-----Original Message-----
From: Stephen Turner
Sent: 28-11-2001 20:44
Subject: Parameterizing Datasource URL

This may turn out to be an XML question rather than a struts
question, but here goes...

I have a data source defined in struts-config.xml, including
database URL. This has worked fine so far on my development machine,
but now I want to deploy my application to a different (production)
server with a different database URL. I'd like to use the same
struts-config.xml file on each machine, so I don't want to hard-code the

So is there any way I can parameterize the database URL, so that it's
not hard-coded in the config file?

Thanks for any ideas.
Steve Turner

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