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From "Christian Grobmeier" <>
Subject [trademark] The term "Strutsathon"
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2013 10:45:58 GMT
Hello folks,

as you know I previously invented the term "Strutsathon" for the first 
Strutsathon in Augsburg:

Now I saw Lukasz is using the term for one in Warsaw. I sense a pattern 
and hope there will be more Strutsathons to follow!

As I invented the term "Strutsathon" I believe I have some ownership in 
it, despite the fact I use the ASF trademark "Struts".
If I have any rights on it, I donate it to the project.

Then I believe we should add this term to our trademark information on 
the bottom of every page:

"Copyright © 2000-2013 The Apache Software Foundation. All Rights 
Reserved. Apache Struts, Struts, Strutsathon, Apache, the Apache feather 
logo, and the Apache Struts project logos are trademarks of The Apache 
Software Foundation."

PMC members who organize Strutsathons (or third parties whom we allowed 
to do so) should write something like this to the bottom of their page:

"Apache Struts, Struts, Strutsathon and Apache are either registered 
trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United 
States and/or other countries, and are used with permission. The Apache 
Software Foundation has no affiliation with and does not endorse, or 
review the materials provided at this event, which is managed by"

(fyi: is the brand i used to organize the strutsathon)

If you agree, I would like to add our new trademark here:


And notify the trademarks team on this. I don't think there are 
comparable trademarks out, we are a trend setter :-)

Finally I would like to push this kind of events and suggest we create 
an official website for Struts related
events where we list for example the past event and also new events like 
the Warsaw one.




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