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Subject Issues Closed: week of 2008-12-19
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2008 08:12:00 GMT

Struts2 - Friday, December 19, 2008

  30 closed in last 7 days

  [WW-2918] Struts don't use the locale

  [WW-2751] SessionMap containsKey will not find an object put into the map

  [WW-2747] Struts : In doubleselect tag doubleonchange , doubleonclick not working.
We can not call a javascript funtion through doubleonchange or doubleonclick

  [WW-2848] Exception while using @Result annotation with result type which doesn't define
a default parameter

  [WW-2763] Prepopulation of checkboxlist fails when using listValue and listKey in FreeMarker

  [WW-2909] Params will not always set all parameters in @Result annotation

  [WW-2917] uploading files,in 2.0.6

  [WW-2924] Set result parameters one at a time

  [WW-2925] error in jsp causes very long and completely useless log entries

  [WW-2745] struts.xml includes not loading in order, or not loading parent

  [WW-2846] s:url Tag with parameters does not work or results in ClassCastException

  [WW-2890] JSP error on <property> tag, when value is zero-sized array

  [WW-2878] Install Struts2 sources by default

  [WW-2713] ParametersInterceptor: IndexOutOfBoundsException while logging parameters

  [WW-2912] Client-side validation displays property key instead of value.

  [WW-2732] <s:text name="key"/> OGNL-evaluates "key" when it is not found in resource

  [WW-2824] refactored altSyntax expression code

  [WW-2899] Portlet plugin not updated for WW-2896 patch.

  [WW-2811] ListUIBean does not strip %{} off listKey

  [WW-2704] Form focusElement attribute not resulting in correct Javascript

  [WW-2739] CLONE -radiomap.ftl does not reconize OGNL value returned from a object.

  [WW-2854] Result definitions are not overridden on subtyping

  [WW-2805] Email validator regex is incorrect.  Does not allow quotes

  [WW-2834] LocalizedTextUtil messageFormats cache is NOT thread safe

  [WW-2525] default-action-ref not working!

  [WW-2922] Move Convention plugin out of the sandbox into trunk

  [WW-2782] Websphere Workaround Incorrect

  [WW-2857] SecurityException accessing theme.properites

  [WW-1480] Update Architecture image

  [WW-1821] Provide mechanism to avoid instantiating Spring managed actions at startup

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