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Subject Issues Closed: week of 2008-07-18
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 08:12:00 GMT

Struts2 - Friday, July 18, 2008

  30 closed in last 7 days

  [WW-2675] Multiple Struts2 .war in a single .ear

  [WW-2634] <s:form action="">: Action setting is ignored

  [WW-1892] Two tooltips are displayed on IE 7 when using javascript tooltips

  [WW-2584] special parameters (i.e. action:actionname) do not handle namespaces

  [WW-2622] Struts 2 Portlet plugin does not support setting a different struts.action.extension
other than 'action'

  [WW-2290] CLONE -action-tag will not call action method from a jsp page that is rendered
from an "input" result

  [WW-2685] Replace all references to xwork.xml with struts.xml

  [WW-2507] I18nInterceptor's intercept method is not thread safe

  [WW-2245] Make it easier to extend XmlConfigurationProvider

  [WW-2079] CLONE -Problem with SiteMesh tags and ww:action

  [WW-2691] ActionMappingParametersInteceptor is accessing request parameters

  [WW-1963] Incorrect result used if using message store interceptor, validation, and action

  [WW-2358] RestWorkflowInterceptor in struts2-rest-plugin is returning a status which kills
browser sessions

  [WW-2716] Build broken, compile error on trunk

  [WW-2722] struts2/ognl confuse setXXX with isXXX method names

  [WW-2721] Ajax Validation does not work with ModelDriven Actions

  [WW-2579] tag optiontransferselect's option is not selectable when  the value of the option
is 10, 20, or 30, so on

  [WW-2455] form enctype="multipart/form-data" with elements text / file causes SQL Exception
/ works fine in firefox

  [WW-2570] problems with German Umlaute () in submit-tag

  [WW-1999] Struts2+Sitemesh+FreeMarker:  Web page not display complete

  [WW-2638] page is not rendered correctly in
IE 6

  [WW-2547] Using actions proxied with Spring AOP throws exception

  [WW-2525] default-action-ref not working!

  [WW-2058] Client side validation in xhtml template and clearErrorMessages not working in
firefox with hidden fields

  [WW-2618] struts.codebehind.defaultPackage

  [WW-2193] Rework FilterDispatcher to be pluggable

  [WW-2168] Javascript validation displays error messages, cancel does not clear them

  [WW-2647] Result type stream issue with inline file download in IE6

  [WW-2603] using datetimepicker inside a detail panel in a master-detail screen, this component
dont show de value

  [WW-2464] Multipart request parameters not copied into parameterMap

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