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From Rúben Garcia <>
Subject Problem with more than one join - Storm 2.2.0
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2020 23:53:54 GMT
Hey all,

I'm building an topology on Storm, using Streams API, and for some reason,
the topology doesn't work at all when using an three way join, what I mean
with this is, I have three sources and I join the first two and then I join
the last source with the previous Join result.

I already tested that if I only make only the join between 2 sources, the
topology work perfectly, but if I make the same join and use that output to
join with other source I receive exception like:

Received punctuation from streams [s9] expected [s10]

I don't really know if this is a problem on how StreamsBuilder, build the
bolts and spout for hte topology I'm building or if is just something that
I'm doing wrong. Conceptually what I' doing is:

PairStream<> A = ...
PairStream<> B =...
PairStream<> C =...

PairStream<> AB = A.window(....).join(B, ....);

PairStream<> ABC = AB.window(....).join(C, ....);

Best regards,

Rúben Garcia

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