Recording should be available soon. Will send a link when its available.

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we'll you record the talks and publish somewhere? It would be great :)

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pon., 28 paź 2019 o 21:09 Roshan Naik <> napisał(a):
If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, please join us at the Bay Area Hadoop meetup tomorrow (Oct 29th 2019) featuring these talks on  Storm 2.0 :

1 - Raising the performance bar for stream processing with Apache Storm 2.0 - Roshan Naik (Uber),  

The effort to rearchitect Storm's core engine was born from the observation that there exists a significant gap between hardware capabilities and the performance of the best streaming engines. In this talk we’ll take a look at the performance and architecture of Storm's new engine which features a leaner threading model, a lock free messaging subsystem and a new ultra-lightweight Back Pressure model.

2 - Storm 2.0 - Features and Performance Enhancements - Kishor Patil  (Yahoo / Verizon Media)

For details and registration :