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Subject Two simultaneous tuples from 2 incoming stream process order
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2019 13:34:30 GMT

It is possible the "execute" method of the bolt to be called in "parallel"?
For example we have 3 bolts A, B and C:

topology.setBolt(BOLT_A_ID, new BoltA(), scaleFactor);
topology.setBolt(BOLT_B_ID, new BoltB(), scaleFactor);
topology.setBolt(BOLT_C_ID, new BoltC(), scaleFactor)
        .fieldsGrouping(BOLT_B_ID, new Fields("some-key");

Bolts A and B produce tuples at the same time... i.e. their tuples will
arrive bolt C(same instance of this bolt) almost at the same time. Will
storm core postpone execution of the "second" tuple until "first" will be
processed? Or it will fire "execute" exactly when it will receive tuple(i.e
in parallel to current execution)?

PS Storm version 1.1.0

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