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From Stig Rohde Døssing <>
Subject Re: Two simultaneous tuples from 2 incoming stream process order
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2019 14:47:55 GMT
The "execute" method will never be called concurrently on the same bolt
instance. In your topology, you will have some number of bolt C copies
running (the task count for bolt C). Each copy will only receive one tuple
in "execute" at a time. Any other tuples received while "execute" is
running will be queued.

Den ons. 5. jun. 2019 kl. 15.34 skrev <>:

> Hi.
> It is possible the "execute" method of the bolt to be called in
> "parallel"? For example we have 3 bolts A, B and C:
> topology.setBolt(BOLT_A_ID, new BoltA(), scaleFactor);
> topology.setBolt(BOLT_B_ID, new BoltB(), scaleFactor);
> topology.setBolt(BOLT_C_ID, new BoltC(), scaleFactor)
>         .allGrouping(BOLT_A_ID)
>         .fieldsGrouping(BOLT_B_ID, new Fields("some-key");
> Bolts A and B produce tuples at the same time... i.e. their tuples will
> arrive bolt C(same instance of this bolt) almost at the same time. Will
> storm core postpone execution of the "second" tuple until "first" will be
> processed? Or it will fire "execute" exactly when it will receive tuple(i.e
> in parallel to current execution)?
> PS Storm version 1.1.0

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