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From Mohit Goyal <>
Subject Removing old logs from supervisor machine
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2019 08:52:41 GMT

I'm using log4j to log all my topology logs in apache storm. Using the
following standard format I'm generating appender files:

> fileName="${sys:workers.artifacts}/${
> }/${sys:worker.port}/${}"
> filePattern="${sys:workers.artifacts}/${
> }/${sys:worker.port}/${}.%i">

 Now the problem I'm facing here is that if I deploy any topology
again, it'll create a separate folder and create log files in that
folder since the new topology will have different value of
* <>* field. This way my supervisor
machine will still have logs from older version of topology, which
over the time accumulates and cause me some memory issues. Has anyone
hare faced this issue and what can be the possible solution. One
solution can be that I remove * <>* field
from filename but since I've several topologies running, I don't want
to remove topology name from my log file path.

Thanks and regards,
Mohit Goyal

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