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From Stig Rohde Døssing <>
Subject Re: storm logs on console of kubernetes containers/pods
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2019 18:04:24 GMT
I don't think you can get the worker logs in the console directly. The
issue is that your container will be running both the supervisor, and a
number of workers. The workers are started by the supervisor, and aren't
attached to the console you use to start the supervisor. Even if you
configure a console appender in worker.xml, the output won't be going into
the supervisor console, which is what I think you need.

I think to fix this would require either copying the worker log to the
supervisor console (we probably don't want this), or make how the
supervisor starts/monitors workers more flexible. If the supervisor could
start the worker in a different container per worker instead of both
supervisors and workers being in one container, that would be a better fit
I think.

Den tor. 4. apr. 2019 kl. 19.39 skrev Dhiman Kundu <>:

> Hi,
> We are using storm 1.2.2 on kubernetes(K8) cluster. We have 1 storm nimbus
> and 3 supervisors to submit topology. We are getting logs in worker.log
> file against each supervisor.
> But we want logs within kubernetes console which can be accessed with
> "kubectl logs -f <supervisor container/pod> -n namespace".
> We changed the worker.xml within log4j2 folder. We add the corresponding
> console Appender. But we are not getting logs in kubctl container's
> console. I want to know whether its possible to get logs in console.
> Please correct me if I am wrong.
> Thanks,
> Dhiman

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