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From Marco Costantini <>
Subject A Batching Bolt
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2017 09:00:30 GMT
I need to group/batch tuples. I've seen an excellent tutorial which does
this. It handles timeouts and batch size breaches. Great. However, there,
all of the logic takes place in the final bolt. That means it does not have
the problem of "emitting batched information".

Sadly for me, I want to create a distinct bolt in the middle of a topology
for batching. This means I have to worry about emitting batches of

I tried it out. Both with the batching done in the final bolt, and with the
batching done in a separate bolt. When it's done in the final bolt, all is
well. When it's done in a separate bolt, performance suffers greatly. By
this I mean the indexing rate of ElasticSearch (probably not a good measure
of performance, I know). The batching method is the same in both cases.

Question: Is it bad to emit a Map or a List of objects? What are the best
practices for batching in a distinct batching bolt?

Please and thank you,

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