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From saurabh mimani <>
Subject Is there some config to control number of tuples a storm bolt is processing
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 13:12:43 GMT

Is there some config which can control how many tuples a storm bolt is
processing. So that bolt stops receiving more tuples if it has not
processed X message. There is such config: topology.max.spout.pending at
topology level.

Also I see in version 1.0.0
<> and mentioned
there is config to control topology.executor.receive.buffer.size and topolo
gy.executor.send.buffer.size which controls incoming and outgoing queue.
And there are disruptor.highwatermark and disruptor.lowwatermark which can
help throttling, but these will not help to control how many messages are
being processes in one bolt. Also these configs are at topology level.

Best Regards

Saurabh Kumar Mimani

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