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From "Hannum, Daniel" <>
Subject Acking, failing, and anchor tuples
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2017 14:39:23 GMT

I’m trying to get clear on how to handle various cases in my BaseBasicBolt.

So far, I just have each bolt emit more tuples, pretty standard. But I still do that for the
last bolt in the topology. I’m not sure I should do that. Seems dirty.

Now, I have a case where I want a bolt to fail a tuple (skip all bolts after). I read that
I should just return without emitting any tuples and that functions as a fail. That seems
odd to me, that I should emit tuples at the end of my topology for success even when they
go nowhere, but not emit anything to show failure.

And then there’s always FailedException. Maybe I should forget all of this and just throw
that if I want to fail the tuple.

So what is the correct way to

  1.  Ack a tuple properly in the last bolt
  2.  Fail a tuple in the middle

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