Your tuple may be timing out, try increasing tuple timeout and also check ur setting of max pending tuple, you may not want unlimited tuple going through ur pipeline.


On 11 Sep 2016 7:09 p.m., "pradeep s" <> wrote:
I have a storm topology running in storm 1.0.0 in AWS  with one spout which is reading messages from AWS SQS , then sends to a database insert bolt. The same tuple is emitted from database bolt to a S3 write bolt. Final bolt in the topo is a SQS message deletion action.
All these are working fine and there are no bolt failures. Only errors in the log are some database foreign key related failures since we are doing individual table inserts. 

There is no failure indication from worker logs. But spout shows lot of failure counts. I have attached the topology screenshot.
Any way to find out the reason for these spout failures?

Inline image 1
Pradeep S