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From Joaquin Menchaca <>
Subject What environment do you use to run your cluster?
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2016 00:44:14 GMT

I was wondering what type of environment you use run your Apache Storm
cluster on?

   - *operating system*: Ubuntu Precise/Trusty/Xenial? CentOS/RHEL 6/7?
   Debian squeeze/wheezy/jessie? Atomic? CoreOS?
   - *java version*: openjdk 6/7/8? oracle jdk 7/8/9?
   - *containers*?
      - which container platform (docker?)
      - what base image do you use (debian, ubuntu, alpine)?
      - orchestration? (kubernetes, fleet, mesos, swarm)
   - *node*? version (0.12? 4.x? 6.x?)? how do you install it (nvm? ppa?)
   how do you manage node modules?
   - *ruby*? version? how do you install it (rvm? rbenv?) how do you manage
   ruby gems?
   - *python*? version?  how do you manage/segregate python packages?

For example, at my company, for our Apache Storm 1.0.2 cluster we use
Ubuntu Trusty, Oracle Java 8, Node 4.x installed w/ Node ppa (npm
package.json to manage modules).  We are not using containers yet, but will
look to using Docker/Ansible, and later Kubernetes.

I am curious, as I write automation scripts to help the community, I want
to cover use cases that may be useful for installing, configuring, and
documenting how to install and manage an Apache Storm cluster.

- Joaquin Menchaca



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