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From Evgeniy Khyst <>
Subject Is SpoutOutputCollector thread-safe?
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2016 17:31:22 GMT

I'm currently using Apache Storm 0.9.4 and have question about
thread-safety of *SpoutOutputCollector*. Is it safe to call *emit *method
from different threads?
In documentation ( it
is said that *OutputCollector *is not thread-safe, and all emits, acks, and
fails must happen on the same thread.
But in Javadoc ( it is
said that *SpoutOutputCollector* is thread-safe and should be saved as an
instance variable of this spout object.
Please, provide a little bit more details about thread-safety of
*SpoutOutputCollector* and validity of calling *emit *method from different


Best regards,

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