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From Spico Florin <>
Subject localOrShuffleGrouping load balanced tuple distribution
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 11:50:59 GMT
   Suppose that I have the following scenario
1. One spout
2. One bolt with hintParallelism set to 4
3. Bolt connected with the spout with localOrShuffleGrouping
4. 2 slots available
5. We use the the default schedulder (round-robin)

Give the above scenario, the distribution over the workers will be:
worker 1: spout, bolt, bolt
worker 2: bolt, bolt

Here are my questions:
1. Will the spout uses the 4 bolts?
2. Will the data distributed evenly between these bolts?
3. Due to localorShuffleGrouping method, only the local bolts will be used
(the ones from the worker 1) or all the workers?

I look forward for your answers.
Thank you.

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