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From Stephen Powis <>
Subject Storm deploy time lifecycle hook?
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2016 15:15:03 GMT

I have a question about the storm topology lifecycle.  Are there any hooks
in the storm deployment/topology lifecycle?  Basically I'd be great if
there was a way to run a block of code during deployment of a new topology
that got fired once on each JVM.

The issue we've seen so far is when deploying a topology, sometimes we need
to setup some kind of shared resource, maybe a connection pool of some type
(JDBC, HTTP, etc..) and its currently not trivial to do that via the bolt
prepare methods such that it only happens once per JVM.   Its possible, but
easy to get wrong :p

Does something already exist within the storm framework for this that we've
missed?  Is it a case of "you're doing it wrong"?


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