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From Andrew Xor <>
Subject Trident State storage
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2015 02:42:42 GMT

 I've come across a topology that I need to have a persistent state​ which
will be a bit large in size; but for this example let's assume that I have
a simple count scenario. Now If I declare it as static inside the state
class such as:

public class MyState implements State {
    static int count;

    public void beginCommit(Lond txid) {;}

    public void commit(Long txid) {;}

    /* this method will be called from the BaseStateUpdater */
    public void updateCount() {count++;}

Will the updated count be transferred each time it is updated? Also if it
is indeed transferred, then if I have only one worker performing that task
(phint will be 1) will it be transferred again (I assume that it won't but
I just want to be sure)?

Finally (since the documentation is not very clear on that subject) what is
the best way to keep a large matrix or another big blob of data that needs
to be incrementally updated for each batch without paying the huge transfer
cost if you increase the parallelism hint.



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