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From Drew Goya <>
Subject Dependency relocation/shading
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2015 18:50:47 GMT
Hey all,  I've been running into a problem lately and I'm guessing a few of
you have as well.

As the apps we run on storm get more complex our list of dependencies has
grown pretty large.  To keep everything sane I've been digging through the
dependency tree and marking everything in the storm lib dir as provided and
locking the version.  This works most of the time but takes a lot of time
and is very error prone.  Moving between storm versions is really tricky as
this dependency shuffle has to happen all over again.

I know the team has decided to relocate/shade a few key dependencies to
prevent these collisions and give storm users more flexibility.  Have you
guys tossed around the idea of relocating/shading every storm dependency?
So the only jar in lib is the storm uber jar with no possible dependency

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