In, method launch, this line seems to cause the IOException: File(context.getCodeDir()));

The path it is attempting to use is "/tmp/c86c165a-762b-42aa-8238-ea291f14c577/supervisor/stormdist/stitcher-1-1404517781/resources" (my topology name is 'stitcher') and does NOT exist. It is not true that ShellProcess is unable to find the command as I originally suspected.

Investigating further, it seems that when I package my class files into a jar for submission to storm, I must include a 'resources' directory; this seems to remove the IOException thrown.

I have not found any documentation stating this must be done. I am not using maven in my workflow; I am manually compiling the class files and packaging them into a jar file. Perhaps that is the reason?


On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 2:02 PM, Alex Merritt <> wrote:

I'm creating a simple topology and invoke the superclass constructor for ShellSpout in its constructor by passing in an array of String, such as {"/bin/ls"}. When executing the topology locally, the code returns an IOException stating it cannot find the command. I've tried relative, absolute paths, other commands, etc. I wrote a stand-alone code which uses ProcessBuilder outside of Storm and it works as expected. Any ideas what is going on here?

Using Ubuntu Linux 64-bit, Storm 0.9.2 and java version 7 from Oracle.