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From Andrew Montalenti <>
Subject Re: Storm 0.9.2 Performance on EC2 Larges
Date Sat, 12 Jul 2014 02:20:41 GMT
What's limiting your throughput? Your e-mail doesn't have enough
information to make a diagnosis.

Whether 4k or 6k processed messages per second is "fast" depends on a lot
of factors -- average message size, parallelism, hardware, batching
approach, etc.

P. Taylor Goetz has a nice slide presentation discussing various factors to
think about when scaling Storm topologies for throughput:

One trick I tend to use to identify throughput bottlenecks is to lay out a
topology with mock bolts that do nothing but "pass tuples through",
configured identically from a partitioning / paralellism standpoint to my
actual topology. Then see how much throughput I get simply piping tuples
from the spout through that mock topology. This can often help you find
issues with things like performance bugs originating at the spout,
acking/emitting bugs, or other similar problems. It can also let you remove
some components from your topology to performance test them in isolation.

You can also review this recent JIRA ticket about improvements to the Netty
transport. Not only is this a lot of engineering effort going into Storm's
performance at scale, but benchmarks listed in there show throughput levels
of several hundred thousand messages per second, saturating cores and
network on topology machines.

Please don't roll your own stream processor -- the world doesn't need
another. :-D Something is likely wrong with the topology's layout and I'm
sure it's fixable.


Andrew Montalenti
Co-Founder & CTO

On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 6:38 PM, Gary Malouf <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> We've been banging our heads against the wall trying to get reasonable
> performance out of a small storm cluster.
> Setup after stripping down trying to debug:
> - All servers on EC2 m3.larges
> - 2 Kestrel 2.4.1 queue servers
> - 3 Storm Servers (1 running ui + nimbus, all running supervisors and thus
> workers)
> - 2 workers per instance, workers get 2GB of RAM max
> - 1 topology with 2 KestrelSpouts
> We measure performance by doing the following:
> - loading up the queues with a couple million items in each
> - deploying the topology
> - pulling up the storm ui and tracking the changes in ack counts over time
> on the spouts to compute average throughputs
> With acking enabled on our spouts we were getting around 4k messages/second
> With acking disabled on our spouts, we were seeing around 6k
> messages/second
> Adding a few bolts with acking quickly bring performance down below 800
> messages/second - pretty dreadful.  Based on the reports many other people
> have posted about their Storm clusters, I find these numbers really
> disappointing.  We've tried tuning the worker jvm options, number of
> workers/executors with this simple setup but could not squeeze anything
> more out.
> Does anyone have any further suggestions about where we should be looking?
>  We are about set to pull storm out of production and roll our own
> processor.
> Thanks,
>  Gary

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