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From 이승진 <>
Subject Re: storm crashes when one of the zookeeper server dies
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2014 06:17:02 GMT
Actually, it was not just a zookeeper process down, but whole machine dies due to kernel panic,
and ping to that server failed accordingly.All servers were connected to each other and in
replication mode, of course.
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From: "Irek Khasyanov"&lt;; 
To: "user"&lt;;; "이승진"&lt;;;

Sent: 2014-07-04 (금) 14:51:00
Subject: Re: storm crashes when one of the zookeeper server dies
Are you sure all zookeeper servers are in replication mode and can connect each other? Yesterday
we added zookeeper cluster and checked what happens with storm when one zookeeper fails. Everything
was good, nothing happens with topology.

On 4 July 2014 08:26, 이승진 &lt;; wrote:

in storm.yaml, we listed 3 zookeeper servers

and host1 dies unexpectedly today morning,
since then, not only I cannot connect to storm UI (TTransport exception) but also can't execute
any of storm command.
I was quite worried when this happened, because if it's what storm is supposed to be, one
of the zookeeper server can be a SPOF.

seems like it should be fixed ASAP

With best regards, Irek Khasyanov.

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