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From "唐思成" <>
Subject Re: The role of supervisor in Storm
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2014 01:31:49 GMT

But does it monitor them
yes, the supervisor will monitor worker processes, and restart them once they go down.

Who monitors the supervisor itself if it goes down?
If a supervisor goes down the nimbus simply remove the node from the cluster and reassigns
the job to other node, in other word, you lose a worknode in your cluster. It is always a
good practice to run nimbus and supervisor under monitor application.



发件人: jeff saremi 
发送时间: 2014-07-06  23:20:38 
主题: The role of supervisor in Storm 
I posted another note earlier asking for hints and links on in-depth architecture documentation.
I didn't get any responses. Which probably means I am the only one with this problem.
So i'll just go ahead and ask specific questions:

What is the role of the supervisor? I know that it starts and stops the worker processes.
But does it monitor them? how? Who monitors the supervisor itself if it goes down? Launching
something with "%java storm something" is referred to as launching the item (nimbus) under
supervision. Can anything be launched like that? Is Supervisable an interface? or a protocol?

I tried reading the supervisor's code but it looked like hieroglyphs to me.

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