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From Derek Brown <>
Subject ClassNotFoundException clojure.lang.ILookupHost with 0.9.x-incubating
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 20:37:34 GMT
I'm getting that exception when starting a topology with either
0.9.2-incubating-SNAPSHOT I built locally, or 0.9.1-incubating from Central.

The topology is in Clojure. The project.clj dependency
is [org.apache.storm/storm-core "0.9.2-incubating-SNAPSHOT"], and I'm using
Clojure 1.5.1.

>From poking around, it looks like ILookupHost was removed in Clojure 1.2 or

When using Storm, this doesn't happen. My motivation for going to
0.9.2-* is the Kryo issue with Storm/Titan (


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