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From Gaspar Muñoz <>
Subject ZkHosts KafkaSpout
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2014 16:23:18 GMT
Hi, I use KafkaSpout and I've been testing a topology in local mode and a
distributed enviroment with 1 Kafka machine and 1 storm machine.

Now, I am going to try in a distributed enviroment with a couple of Kafka +
Zookeeper machines and another 3 Storm.

My doubt is,  in zkHosts, what brokerZkStr should I use if I have a
Zookeeper cluster (2 machines)?

 public ZkHosts(String brokerZkStr, String brokerZkPath) {
    this.brokerZkStr = brokerZkStr;
    this.brokerZkPath = brokerZkPath;

Thank you.

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